Rexy Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy informs you of our policies about the information collected when you use the Service. By using the Service, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

The Information Collection

We collect certain information from our users, we collect them only when they run a bot command, submitting a discord modal or using our website, this information is securily saved , protected and some of them are encrypted (i.e. 6-Digit PIN).

The information we collect may include, but is not limited to:

How We Use Your Information

This information is used for the functionality of the Bot or our Website, such as storing your game progress, ensuring the security of your virtual items and displaying your game progress on our website.

Usernames may be displayed in leaderboards and other features of the Bot and the Website.

The information is not shared with anyone else.


For any concerns about this policy or the Bot's operation, please use the following email contact:

Email: [email protected]

Request Of Data Removal

Any of this data, can be requested to be removed through the provided email contact or in the Official Discord Server of Rexy: By doing this, all your data will be removed from the database. It may take up to 14 days for this information to get removed.

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. Any changes made will be previously notified through Official Discord Server of Rexy.